Nov 5, 2018

Eliza+The Halloween Party

I can't believe Halloween has already come and gone. This year my family hosted a huge party with all of our friends and we had a lot of fun dressing up, dancing, eating good food, and hanging out. 

I dressed up as Eliza from Hamilton. I didn't do a good job of documenting the making of process over the last month and a half, but I'm going to write up a blog post all about it soon.

This is probably my favorite Cosplay that I've made, and it was so comfortable to wear! I decided to make it accurate to the stage costume instead of going the historical rout. I have a crinoline petticoat and a bumpad underneath for skirt support, and the back has a zipper (though it has faux lacing to look like it's laced up).

The shoes are American Duchess Kensingon's, which I purchased last year but didn't have an opportunity to wear until this year. I also wore my favorite Halloween socks, which is becoming a tradition for me. The shoes and stockings should be cream to be accurate to the Broadway costume, but I couldn't justify buying a new pair of shoes at the time, so I went with the pair that I already had.

I tried to take photo's through the night, but I only got a few. We had so many creative and fun costumes this year!

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