Mar 18, 2018

Padme's Picnic Dress at ECCC

It's been a long journey, but I was finally able to wear P-19 (Padme's Picnic Dress) to Emerald City Comic Con. It's not quite finished, there's still more embroidery to be done *sigh* and I need to make a few fit adjustments, but it was wearable.

This costume was quite the experience to make. I don't really know much about embroidery, and this was an embroidery heavy costume. I kind of just made it up as I went, but I learned some new techniques along the way.

I'll be writing up some posts on the making of, which will include a tutorial for the headpiece, but for now enjoy some shots from Comic Con.

Thank you to everyone at ECCC who complimented my costume, and to my friend Lilly for the photo's.

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