Oct 22, 2015

Rey Analysis 2.0

Since my first post on Rey's costume from The Force Awakens I've done some more research and learned that Rey's tunic is not quite as simple as it seems. There's some rumors that the costume has buttons, that it has 2 layers, and something that I don't understand about there being no side seems on it.

Well, with the new trailer out, I have new information on this part of the costume. I went through the trailer and took screen caps of Rey's costume. Here's what I found.

In this picture you can clearly see that her tunic has a side seam under the arm. The neck line of the tunic is the part that has me confused. I does look like it buttons up to some point, but the rest doesn't have any (visible) closures. My guess is that there are buttons there for her to put it on. They're likely snaps. It also looks like there may be some sort of small piping around the neckline.

My favorite part, this screen cap reveals that her tunic does NOT have any sort of cap sleeve but rather another fabric that sits under the tunic comes over the shoulder. I was having so much trouble  on the mock up because of this, but this makes it so simpler!

Here's a another side view where you can see the site seam and a little bit of detail on her belt.

And a slightly better shot of her wrist cuff.

In regards to fabrics, I got some fabric swatches from Dharma Trading Co. for the actual fabrics used for this costume. I got a hemp and cotton jersey blend, which is priced at $11.24 a yard, and raw silk that's only $5.55 a yard. They're absolutely perfect! Except that they're more of a tan color and would need to be dyed to a slightly more gray color. Which is find but I just don't have any experience with dying fabrics yet.

I'm still undecided on what to use for the tabbards because the viscose I got isn't crinkled. I may be forced to use cotton gauze, which I really don't want to because it won't drape the same.

UPDATE - 10/24
New promo images of Rey's costume have been released. With these new photo's I've realized that the tabbards are not crinkled viscose but rater it's just gathered at the shoulder. These shots also seem to show the costume cleaner than it appears in the film which means it's a better reference for colors.

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