Aug 12, 2015

Star Wars Costume Exhibit

Okay guys, so as some of you may know the EMP in Seattle has had a Star Wars costume exhibit open most of the year. Last month I finally got to go and see it for myself. I cannot even begin to express how amazing these costumes are! They're absolutely gorgeous! Pictures just don't do them justice. They're a thousand times more beautiful in person.

I took lots of pictures, and I have chosen a few (okay, 20+) of my favorites to share here but if you want to see all of them check out my Google+ album.

The exhibit consisted about three quarters of costumes from the prequel trilogy (and most of that was Padme's lol) and the other quarter from the original trilogy. When I saw the costumes I was surprised at see just how small Natalie Portman was. You really can't tell from the photos, but she was tiny!

Please pardon any blurry photos. The lighting was horrible and they didn't allow any flash photography.

They had the dressing gown, which I made sure to take lots of photo's of! I have a new theory on the skirt and I think I figured out what I've been doing wrong on the shape of the bodice...

My favorite, the meadow picnic dress. It's so pretty in person!

I was glad to see they had costumes from some of the lesser known Jedi like Luminara. Every costume has so much detail even if they were only in the background, like Luminara here.

I've been doing research for making a DL-44 blaster for my Mara Jade costume and it was great to get to see Han's in person!

I always get excited when I see closures on costumes. YAY SNAPS!

 I realized that the jumpsuits for the rebel fighters and TIE pilots are nearly identical except for the rebels have an extra set of pockets on the shin and of course the color. (Left: X-Wing pilot Right: TIE Fighter Pilot)

Feel free to share any of these photo's but please link back to me. Thanks!


  1. I'm going in a little over a week! I'm so excited!

    1. That's awesome! It's such a great exhibit! Enjoy!