May 4, 2015

May the Fourth be with You!

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! Saturday we had our annual May the Fourth be with You party. We ended up having it on May 2nd since this year May the 4th is on a Monday. Our group was much larger this year because we ended up inviting three families. Oh, and the weather was awesome, unlike last year!

The party included dressing up (for those of us who wanted to), Star Wars music playing all day, a ton of food, lots of laughing, a fire pit, and a giant game of capture the flag at night. It was pretty epic.

Warning: Lot's of pictures ahead!

All pictures are courtesy of my sister Sereina.

My friend Max made this awesome edit for me.

Please ignore the safety pin on my vest. We were playing the name game I forgot to take it off for the pictures.

Mike, reflecting for us.

Me trying to look epic but failing miserably.

Elie came as Endor Leia, and her costume was awesome! Her gun/blaster was particularly cool.


Daniel borrowed my old Jedi Robe from years ago and came as a Jawa. He kept trying to sell us things and he sold people seats around the fire pit.

Lilly as Leia.

Bethany, the famous YouTuber and my one loyal fan.

Me vlogging. Yes, I will hopefully have it up soon.

No matter how many jump shots we do we can never get it perfect.

We put together an orchestra to play Battle of the Hero's. Elie conducted while Lilly and I were the choir and and everyone else was the orchestra. We make a wonderful orchestra. Or not.

You'll notice from here on out I don't have my wig on. Some of the pins were digging into my scalp and giving me a headache so I took it off for the rest of the night.

And no Star Wars party would be complete without taking some "Vadering" pictures. I have to admit, they turned out pretty awesome.

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