Feb 20, 2015

Cosplanner | The App for All Costumers!

Okay, so I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning and one of the cosplayers I follow posted about this app called Cosplanner and how it's helped her keep track of all her cosplay's. Well, I immediately went and downloaded it (it's free) and I love it!

It helps you plan out your costumes by listing what you need to make and what you need to buy. For each item you enter it will have you put if it's completed and how long it took or how much you spent on it. It also keeps track of the total progress and how much time you've spent on the project.

When you finish a project you can see just how many hours you put into it and how much you spent as well.

It also has a place for you to download reference pictures for each of your costumes, which is super nice so you can always have easy access to them when you need to pull something up real quick.

So far I've only entered information on costumes I've either worked on in the past and the Wishing Dress, but I can already tell you that this app is going to be amazing for my records! I started making paper charts with most of this information, but this a better!

I give this app 5/5 stars and recommend it to all costumers/cosplayers!

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