Nov 20, 2014

The Clock Strikes Twelve

Yesterday the first trailer for Disney's new live action Cinderella came out, and I have to say I'm really excited! I was excited when I first learned they were making a live action Cinderella, but this trailer got me even more pumped for the movie!

It looks like it's going to be very similar to original Disney movie, and they're even adding a few things from the original fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. That alone got me excited, but I'm already in love with the costumes.

I just recently started watching Once Upon a Time, and while I like the show I don't like a lot of the costumes. They just seem very cliche, especially Regina's costumes. I'm glad that, for the most part at least, the costumes in Cinderella don't feel that way to me (from what I've seen so far).

I love the way they've done the step sisters, they have an 1830's feel to them, and I love how they kept the same color scheme from the original movie for them. And while I really do like the Step Mother's costume, I hate that fake skirt thing. It's that same style that I didn't like in most of Regina's costume's in OUAT. At least she's not wearing leather pants though...

And then there's Cinderella. I love, love, LOVE her ball gown! Oh, the Prince's outfit looks good too.

This dress is definitely going on my costume bucket list!

Nov 17, 2014

Things are "Bustling"

Sorry, I couldn't help myself with that title. ;P

Last week I made my first bustle petticoat. YAY!

As I mention in my previous post, I went and bough the Truly Victorian 101 Wire Bustle pattern and wire. After the pattern arrived I went to Joanns to get fabric. I used a plain white cotton and ended up getting 10 yards because I had a 60% off coupon plus I want to make a chemise out of it. The pattern only needed a little over 7 yards though.

I have to say, it was the best pattern I've ever used! I've avoided patterns as much as possible, one because they're expensive, but also because commercial patterns can get kind of confusing. Well, that was not the case with this pattern! Sure, there was 1 or 2 things that I had to read a couple of times to understand what I needed to do, but other than that it went really smoothly!

Here's the bustle before I made the ruffle overlay for it.

And the finished bustle.

I think I may have read the pattern wrong because the ruffle overlay didn't cover the first bone. Unfortunately i didn't realize this until after I had sewn it on and hand stitched the sides down. I think I'm just going to add another ruffle to the top to cover it. It'll be an easy fix.

Even though the pattern says that with the ruffle overlay you don't need another petticoat, I'm still going to make at least one more petticoat to get the silhouette I want for the Wishing Dress. I still haven't decided on a pattern yet.

Nov 3, 2014

Bustle and Petticoat Mock Ups

A few days ago I went to work on figuring out how I wanted to do my bustle for the Wishing Dress. Becuase I'm cheap, I started out by trying a pattern from Jean Hunnisett's Period Costume for the Stage and Screen. I copied out one of her bustle petticoat patterns and put it over top of a basic pillow bustle I made a while back.

This was the end result.

I also took another pattern from the book for the mock up of the skirt. I didn't gather it in the back like it was supposed to be since I didn't know weather I would end up using that skirt pattern or the bustle underneath. So it's just kind of pinned in the back.

After much consideration I've decided to make a bigger bustle, and one with wire in the back. This was partially to get the bigger bustle but also becuase I'm afraid that after I put the weight of the skirt and the waterfall bustle it will kind of crush what silhouette I have. Having a bustle with wire will give both a bigger shape and also give it more support.

The pattern I ended up going with is the Truly Victorian 101  Wire Bustle. I also purchased the wire for the bustle from Truly Victorian, which is really convenient because it'll come already cut and to the proper size. I won't have to worry about finding wire, then cutting it, and then finishing the tips. Plus it's pretty cheap. Which is always a great thing, especially since I think I'll end up spending a lot on this costume.

Petticoat with Wire Bustle - Revised

I can't wait to get the fabric and for the pattern to get here so I can make it!