Jun 13, 2013

A New Project: Marion Ravenwood

As of last week I've sorta become obsessed with the Indiana Jones movies and after watching Raider's I decided that I would have to make Marion's Cairo outfit. I was also inspired by a fan made costume I came across on Pinterest (and for some reason I can't find that picture!)

Unfortunately it's been rather hard to find good reference pictures. But these are the one's I've got so far.

I also started looking at other fan made costumes and found a really good one. She posted on her blog about the patterns she used and you can get to that post by clicking the picture.

I've officially started the mock up and have been having trouble getting the neckline to be the right shape, but I'm making progress. Hopefully I'll have some more updates soon!


  1. Hi there!!

    I can't wait to see how your costume turns out! Like you, I had some major problems finding decent screencaps on-line and I capped it myself too! I also made my costume around the time the film was re-released in IMAX, and saw it four times, each time leaning in close to get a look at her costume details.

    The neckline was the most difficult for me, as you mentioned you were having difficulty, and I wasn't thrilled with how mine turned out. Like I did simple Xs, instead of actual smocking, and my neckline is too wide.

    Regarding the shoes, they really are just simple rope wedges, but with an ankle strap, not a sling-back.

    Best of luck on making your costume!

  2. Thanks, Janey! I think I've figured out the neckline, and I'm also planning on just embroidering x's instead of real smocking as well. Thanks again!