Apr 12, 2013

Costume Bucket List

I have a page on this blog for the costumes I want to recreate and the other day I updated it.. Well it turns out I have lot of costumes I would like to make! I put together some collages with the costumes I would like to make the most.

1. Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty)
2. Snow White from Mirror Mirror
3. Alice
4. 1860's dress
5. Rapunzel
6. Disney's Snow White
7. Wendy Darling from Disney's Peter Pan
8. Pirate Dress.

And now we come to Padme's costumes from Star Wars. I narrowed it down to just 8, which was really hard to do. I mean who doesn't like her costumes? They're all amazing!

1. Handmaiden from episode I

2. Battle outfit from episode II
3. Battle outfit from episode I
4. Celebration dress from episode I
5. Senate dress from episode III
6. Packing gown from episode II (my favorite!)
7. Tatooine disguise from episode I
8. Picnic dress from episode II

I finished the Beru costume but haven't got pictures of the shirt yet. I want get some pictures soon, but I'm not promising anything because it's a pain to get it onto my sewing form because the material doesn't stretch and I had to take it off so I could work on my corset.

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