Dec 30, 2012

Costume Bucket List: Rapunzel

Ever since I saw the movie Tangled I've wanted to recreate Rapunzel's dress. My main setback has been that I don't have enough knowledge/experience to actually do it. During the last few years I've certainly learned a lot about sewing, and my sewing skills have definitely gotten better. Chances are it will still be a while before I actually get to make that dress. As for right now I've been doing a lot of research on her dress. I'm going to share some costumes I've found on Pinterest that are absolutely amazing!

(Please note: All images will link back to the original source.)

Isn't this costume amazing?! She did a fantastic job with it!
Princess Rapunzel by *Rayi-kun on deviantART

Here's another 
Rapunzel from Tangled.

And then of course there's Disney's version. 
Pinned Image

Disney's version is unique because they get a special printed fabric with the same print as in the movie. You can see that in this picture.
Pinned Image

I can't wait until I get to make this costume!

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