Jun 1, 2020

In which I make something for my Everyday Closet | Reviewing Simplicity's New Look 6560

I took a change of pace to create something for my everyday closet, and I'm soooo glad I did! I found this cotton shirting on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics and absolutely loved it! It's solid black with little gold birds, and I've been loving all things gold these last few years, so I knew it was perfect.

Since I wasn't necessarily planning on making something modern, I took a look through the patterns that were on sale that day and found a super simple, but super cute wrap shirt. New Look Pattern 6560 for $2.99.

I ended up going with view C. For sizing, I'm always between 2-3 different sizes with these commercial patterns, but I went with my bust size, which was the smaller of the options, knowing that there would already be some give because of the style, plus these patterns always have (usually too much) ease already worked in. It turned out perfect, and I don't regret a thing!

The pattern came together easily and quickly, despite the fact that I was still fighting a nasty sinus infection when I started it. I had been laying around for the previous two days and needed something to do, so I told myself I could just cut out the pattern pieces. Well, as most projects do, I got caught up and had most of the blouse done within a couple of hours.

Overall I really liked this pattern. It was simple to cut and I only referenced the instructions lightly, as I usually do with commercial patterns since they usually hurt my brain more than prove helpful.

With that in mind, I did make a few small changes. The main one being that I under stitched the front facing. If the instructions said to do this, I completely missed it, but I felt like that was necessary to keep the front nice and flat.

The other thing I did was create two crocheted belt loops and added a snap at the top of the neck to hold everything in place. I didn't like the belt just hanging loose, and I wanted a little more security to hold the neckline closed.

My sister, Sereina Elwert, who's a wizard with a camera, happened to be in town shortly after I finished the blouse, so we were able to go out and get some cute photos. As well as some... interesting ones. It's never a photoshoot without at least one derpy photo and a photobomb, right?

In conclusion, I really liked this pattern and would definitely recommend! I could also see myself making a few more blouses out of it, probably in some linen or seersucker for summer.

Funny story: when I was buying my supplies for this project, I somehow misread the pattern and bought an extra yard of fabric (and it was 60" wide no less!) and was able to get a full circle skirt out of it! When worn together it looks like a cute dress while still being versatile. Unfortunately we didn't get around to getting pictures of the skirt, so that will have to wait until another time.

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