Apr 17, 2019

On Set - Short Film Shoot

Last month I was on a fun shoot, and I wanted to write a little bit about it.

A friend of mine was pulling together a short film and asked if I would be interested in doing the costumes. Of course I said yes.

I can't say much about what the film is about, but it's a contemporary drama. We shot over the course of three days, but there was about three and a half weeks of pre-production that we crammed in before. The project is currently in the editing stage and will hopefully be released this summer.

Most people would think costuming a contemporary would be easy, but this was actually one of the most difficult projects I've costumed. Because of the way films are shot, there were around 10 costume changes per actor each day. And keeping track of costume continuity when there are that many changes is not a simple thing.

The other challenge in contemporary design is that everything is very subtle. When working on a period piece, or something more extravagant, it's easier to build someones character into their clothing. But when using "normal clothes", the character that is shown through their clothes is much more subtle.

I want to share more of the technical side of costuming for this project, but I'll save that for another post. For now, enjoy a few shots I snagged on set. I'll be sure to share the official BTS shots (and videos!) when they're released.