Jan 23, 2018

1914 Skirt Beginnings and Research Troubles

New years hit and I've been in a bit of a sewing rut these last few weeks. I haven't had a ton of time, or energy, to put towards sewing lately so I haven't been too productive.

However, I managed to get started on the first part of my 1914 era ensemble, the skirt. I'll write up a post when it's done with more details, but for now here's where it stands.

My goal is to make a hunting suit similar to the styles seen on Donwton Abbey, however I've had a hard time finding information on women's hunting clothing from the era. So far I've only been able to find one example. Apparently hunting wasn't as common of a sport for women as Downton made it out to be...

I have been able to find a couple of original jacket patterns, however, that I'm using as a reference to draft my own. Until I can find more information I'm just doing my best to make something that looks appropriate.


  1. Have you tried Sears and Roebuck catalogues? If you search Hathi Trust, and then type in Sears and Roebuck catalogue in the search bar. Within the book, you might try "sporting", along with "hunting". Delineator is another good magazine for stuff like this.

    1. I've looked a little in the Sears catalogs but haven't found much yet. I'll look through Hathi Trust and see what I can find though.