Mar 9, 2017

1770's Polonaise Progress Report

My Polonaise is coming along and it finally looks like something wearable! I can't say how much I love this fabric, which is a reproduction print I bought online from Colonial Williamsburg. Isn't it fantastic?!

This has been a fun project so far, and even though I'm not taking a historically accurate approach with my sewing methods (I machine sewed most of it and did a topstitch by hand to make it at least look a little more accurate) I think it's looking pretty good and I'm down to just a few more steps before it should be finished.

Here's what I have left:
  • Hem the skirt
  • Add ties and buttons to hold up the skirt
  • Add the sleeve ruffles
  • Add trim

When I went to cut my fabric I realized I had forgotten to purchase extra for trim. *facepalm* I'm not quite sure at this point what I'll be doing to remedy that, but since there's so many colors in the fabric I should have a lot of options. I'd also like to add a ruffle to the hem of my green petticoat, but alas I had less fabric than I thought and don't have enough to trim that either. Clearly I thought this out really well...

I've been photographing and videoing the making of this dress, so as long as the photo's/footage looks good you should be seeing what has gone into making this sometime after it's all finished.

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