May 10, 2016

Quick Rebel Costume

Every year I like to celebrate May the Fourth be With You by having a party, usually the weekend following May the 4th. This year, due to being busy, my family threw together a small get together with one of our closest family friends. We dressed up, did a Star Wars quiz, had a fire pit, and had fun hanging out together.

Earlier this year I was planning on finishing my Rey costume, but because I haven't had the time to figure out the dye I still haven't been able to make any progress on that costume. I just decided not to dress for the party. Until about twenty minutes before and I threw together this Rebel costume with pieces I had in my closet from other costumes.

I used the vest, shirt and boots from my Mara Jade costume and the pants from my Jedi costume (which was never completely finished). I pulled out my DL-44 and ta-da! Instant rebel costume! This costume was inspired by some of the costumes from Rogue One, which I'm starting to get really excited about! This costume is also very Han Solo to me, which is also awesome.

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