May 21, 2015

Aviation Day {2015}

Saturday was Aviation Day at Paine Field, which I mentioned in my last post. My family and I have been volunteering for the Historic Flight Foundation (HFF) for the past 5 or so years. I'm in no means an airplane person but I always like helping out.

I'll be writing up a separate post about what I wore and the making of my new blouse, but for now here's some pictures of the event.

The weather was, as always, cold. But this year it didn't rain, which was nice, and it wasn't too windy. We started out working on the East side representing HFF and around 1 we packed up and headed back over to the West side where HFF is.

The "Kings of Swing" were there and they're a really good group that does... wait for it... swing music! They play at a lot of the events at HFF, which is awesome having live swing music. A couple of us did a little dancing throughout the day, which is always fun. I only know the basics for both East Coast and West Coast swing, but I always have fun doing what little I know.

After the flying was done (which was around 1:30) we packed the booth up and headed over to the west side to get some lunch and check everything out at HFF. Since Alina and I aren't really into airplanes and we like doing retail, we usually end up helping in retail for the rest of the afternoon. Helping out at HFF usually includes dancing, kettle corn, lots of laughing, and more food.

These guys are awesome! They're part of  HAG Living History, which is a group of living historians typically representing WWII. They come out to all of the big events at HFF and at Vintage Aircraft Weekend in August they set up a huge camp. They have everything from tents to military jeeps.

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  1. Wooow this looks like a fun event! Old airplanes are so neat (well new ones are too, but old ones look way cooler, and also sound amazing)

    I nominated you for a blog award! :)