Oct 2, 2014

A day at the Opera

A few weeks ago the Seattle Opera had an open house to come and see some of the costumes and behinds the scenes of the opera. I was super excited was hoping to get to see lots of costumes and maybe even some wigs. Well, it was a bit disappointing. There ended up being only 2 costumes on display and some costume sketches along with a few fabric samples. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

This was the first costume we found. I forgot which opera it was from, but it was really pretty! I loved the colors and the embroidery and the train.

Later in the afternoon there was a demonstration on the opera stage where they talked a bit about some of the special effects they use, which was pretty cool, though it was pretty short.

The stage was huge! This is a view looking up from where I was sitting at the demonstratoin.

Lots, and lots or ropes...

This was one of the costumes from Don Giovanni, whic was pretty neat. I loved the boots on this costume!

At the very end was what we thought was going to be a 45 minute opera, but ended up being more sort of talking about opera, guys screaming, a little bit of singing, and stuff. Yes, there was a screaming contest. 

Thanks to me we got front row seats. While we were waiting for the demonstration to start we talked about Phantom of the Opera and tried to figure out where box 5 was so we could make sure it stayed empty. :D

Overall it was a great experience even if it was a bit weak from what I had hoped for. And I learned I may like opera (still have to actually go to an opera before I decide on that one).

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