Aug 8, 2014

Rose Tyler Makeup Test

Today I had a friend help me out with some makeup shopping and when we were done we headed back to my house where she helped me figure out how to recreate Rose's makeup. Below are the photo's of the finished project.

I also put on my blonde wig. I still haven't styled it or anything, but I wore it to get an idea of how the makeup will look with blonde hair instead of my natural brown hair.

The wig I got is Hollywood Honey by Forever Young. I decided on getting color number 24BT102, which other than it not having dark roots, is perfect! I'm going to try to experiment with adding roots on an old wig I have before doing anything on this one.

Thanks for the help Bethany!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a great look. I don't know what Rose Tyler make up is so I will investigate further. Thanks for sharing your experiment. You look great.