Aug 7, 2014

Rose Tyler Idiot's Lantern Costume Beginnings

So I've been doing research for this costume for a while but just haven't found the time to write a post about it. This year for Halloween I'm doing Rose Tyler's outfit from the Idiot's Lantern episode of Doctor Who.

This costume is supposed to be 1950's, but well, let's not get into that.

Anyways. The dress is made up in 3 parts - the bodice, which is strapless, and covered in sequins.  The skirt is pleated in, I think, one way pleats. They look different in every picture. Third is the petticoat which adds a nice fullness to the skirt and sticks out a bit on the bottom.

With it she wears a blue jacket, which covers most of the bodice. On the left pocket she has a pink flower pin. Her hair is done up in a sort of loose beehive, a pink headband, and she has mating earrings.

Because my hair isn't blonde and I'm not willing to dye in blonde, I bought a wig. This is the only picture I have of it so far. I still need to get some supplies before I can style it. I think getting the wig to look natural is going to be the hardest part of this costume!

Anyways, the wig I got is Hollywood Honey by Forever Young, color 24BT102 via Vogue Wigs. It took me forever to find a place to purchase my wig because I didn't trust most of the sites I was looking at. Vogue Wigs was good because they had a large selection and they were a decent price. Plus it arrive quicker than I thought it would!

I've started work on the mock up, which I will hopefully be posting about soon. And I've already got the jacket, which I will also post soon.