Apr 9, 2014

Costume Shopping

Today my mom and I went all over the place looking for items for my Obi Wan Jedi costume. I ended up finding everything on my list except for leather dye, which we did actually find some at Hobby-Lobby but it was the wrong color.

While looking through belt tutorials on the Rebel Legion forums, I found a very helpful tip for the belt buckle. They suggested going through buckles on purses and shoes for the center buckle. I ended up finding a buckle I liked on a belt, but I'm not sure if it's the right size. I'll know as soon as my leather for the belt comes in the mail.

Unfortunately today wasn't a fabric shopping day. I have some awesome coupons for JoAnn's but they don't start until next week. So for now I don't have too much to work on.

I have some awesome news regarding the costume though. I have officially finished the pants! I was so glad I found these at Goodwill so I wouldn't have to make them. And they were only $6. When I got home I took the hem down and sewed elastic for under my feet to keep the pants down.

You may have noticed in the first picture I bought some pens. I'll be using the pen caps for the food capsules for the belt. Once I make those I'll be posting more details about them. We searched all over the place to try and find pens with the right cap and finally found some. Target has a 4 pack for around $4 of the perfect pens. I was so happy to finally find some that didn't cost a fortune!

Here's the tutorial from the Padawan's Guide on how to make them.

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