Jan 6, 2014

40's Trousers

I guess this is my first post in 2014, so Happy New Year everyone! 

Ever since I saw American Duchesses post about vintage high wasted pants, I realized that I really like the look of them. A few days ago I went pin happy on Pinterest with 1930's and 40's trousers. Now want to make some for Vintage Aircraft Weekend (VAW) this summer. I want to put together an entire 40's (or maybe even 30's) outfit for VAW.

Here's some of the inspiration I've found so far.

Fall fashion trends of the 1940s : Due to wartime necessity, trousers for women gain popularity for their functionality and smartness.

Those pants! The 1940's --War years. A beginning of more widespread  freedom and independence for women. They could, and DID a man's job, and they excelled at it!

Bunny's Victory: My Vintage Wardrobe: 1940's Trouser Outifts

1940's Swing Trousers

I started looking around for some patterns online and found Simplicity 3688. Except I would like to make some with buttons, and the Simpicity pattern just has a normal waistband. So I was thinking that I could modify the pattern I used for my Marion Ravenwood pants instead. I was also thinking I could use this pattern (which is free. YAY!) and just turn it into pants instead of shorts.


Okay, so now that I pretty much have planned out the pants, it's time to figure out the top.

Fall fashion trends of the 1940s: Stay on trend this semester with a bright cardigan. Roll the sleeves up or pull them down.

I love this top! I think I'm going to end up with something like this.
land girl style! Hand made blouse and corduroy 1940s trousers by Heyday

The only pattern I've found for a top so far is Simplicity 1692 which should work pretty well if I can't find anything else.

Simplicity Creative Group - Misses' 1940's Vintage Tops 

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